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StorageSpider Is The Real Deal

Why Choose Backup Hosting From StorageSpider?

Our backup hosting packages are perfect for individuals or small businesses who want a safe and reliable way to back up their valuable data offsite in a secure location. We were the first provider to offer this unique high performance backup hosting service. Backup with the best today!

Better Than A Backup VPS

A Backup VPS does not always mean you will get more resources than you could with our Backup Hosting powered by cPanel and CloudLinux. With a VPS a lot of the resources goes to the OS/services on the server itself which do not leave many resources left for the backups to run as fast as they should be!

You can get more resources on our Backup Hosting accounts for a cheaper price, but more importantly, using our backup system you will have a lot more resources available, so when backing up your data or restoring it to our backup servers, it will complete a lot quicker which is very important for quicker backup and disaster recovery times. Also, the majority of providers who offer Backup Storage will use very poor setups, but not us as explained here.

HostXNow's Backup Hosting plans are hosted on servers equipped with high-performance, reliable disks and in RAID 10 to ensure your backups AND restores will have plenty of Disk IO available to achieve the fastest backup/restore times. Guaranteed!

RAM ECC (Error Correcting Code)

The ECC code prevents your data from being corrupted, guaranteeing stability and security. Available for all plans.

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