About StorageSpider

The Story Behind StorageSpider

About StorageSpider

HostXNow were the very first provider to offer backup storage accounts powered by cPanel/CloudLinux.

HostXNow launched a backup storage service when the Founder could not find a suitable backup storage service to host the HostXNow infrastructure, due to it not being cost effective to use other existing solutions on the market at the time. Therefore, it was inevitable that the founder would build a service that would not only help speed up backup and restore times but more importantly store much more massive amounts of data at a more affordable price. After a while, it made sense to offer the same to anyone who required the same solution, so they too could benefit from the same hosting infrastructure utilised by HostXNow. Thus StorageSpider was born.

Moving forward to May 2018, data protection became a lot more strict due to GDPR introduced by the European Union. Because many UK-based businesses now prefer to keep their data hosted in the UK (to meet GDPR guidelines better), and we noticed there were not many UK-based providers offering a massive amount of storage for an affordable price compared to Europe/USA providers, we decided to launch StorageSpider and host our data in the UK along with some other advantages. The advantages can be found on various pages on our website with one big advantage we have is using RAID 10, not RAID 0/1/5/6 like so many other providers do. Because we use RAID 10, we have much faster read/write speeds and redundancy so your data can be backed up and restored much quicker compared to using other providers who have slower setups.

Why Use StorageSpider Compared To Other Solutions?


We Were The First

We were the first to offer such a unique service


Over 10 Years In Business

Our parent company has been around for ten years


More Affordable

We provide the best specs and most affordable pricing


Better Support

We offer more ways of backing up your data


We Offer RAID 10

We are the only provider to offer the very best RAID 10


Unlimited Bandwidth

We include unlimited bandwidth with all of our plans

Interested? If you have any questions or would like to provide us with some feedback, please, Contact Us.

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