UK Backup Storage
@ £0.06 per GB

Supported: SFTP / SCP / SSH / Rsync 

Fast, Secure, Reliable & Affordable UK Backup Storage

Scalable up to 4 TB RAID 10 storage per account with Unlimited 1Gbps Bandwidth

With StorageSpider, you can back up any data you like via the various protocols that we support. The service is blazing fast, cost-effective and very easy to set up thanks to our cPanel-powered platform.

cPanel Access

With our inexpensive cPanel-powered backup storage hosting accounts, you can easily manage data using the built-in File and SSH manager, set up and run password-less automated commands using authorization keys via cronjobs that can be configured to run at anytime to automate backups (even on multiple websites and servers at the same time) all while using the bandwidth efficient rsync technology via SSH.


Unlimited Data Transfer

Also known as data transfer. We do not count individual ingoing and outgoing traffic towards your invoice.

SFTP Access

We offer a SFTP account for you to transfer and manage your backups securely.

Rsync Support

Save resources, time and bandwidth by using Rsync which uses incremental technology.

Webdav Support

Easily connect to WebDAV using your favourite web browser, to access and modify your files.

SSH Access

We provide full SSH access, and the backup space is fully compatible with cPanel backups and JetBackup.

No Setup Fees

We do not charge any hidden fees. You only need to select the amount of storage space you need.

Plans to Suit All Budgets

The prices show below are charged on a monthly basis with no contract! You may cancel service at anytime.

Note: you can upgrade/downgrade at anytime which only takes around 10 minutes to complete.

100 GB101Gbps UplinkUnlimited Bandwidth£6.00 /moORDER NOW
200 GB101Gbps UplinkUnlimited Bandwidth£12.00 /moORDER NOW
300 GB101Gbps UplinkUnlimited Bandwidth£18.00 /moORDER NOW
400 GB101Gbps UplinkUnlimited Bandwidth£24.00 /moORDER NOW
500 GB101Gbps UplinkUnlimited Bandwidth£30.00 /moORDER NOW
600 GB101Gbps UplinkUnlimited Bandwidth£36.00 /moORDER NOW
700 GB101Gbps UplinkUnlimited Bandwidth£42.00 /moORDER NOW
800 GB101Gbps UplinkUnlimited Bandwidth£48.00 /moORDER NOW
900 GB101Gbps UplinkUnlimited Bandwidth£54.00 /moORDER NOW
1000 GB101Gbps UplinkUnlimited Bandwidth£60.00 /moORDER NOW
1500 GB101Gbps UplinkUnlimited Bandwidth£90.00 /moORDER NOW
2000 GB101Gbps UplinkUnlimited Bandwidth£120.00 /moORDER NOW
2500 GB101Gbps UplinkUnlimited Bandwidth£150.00 /moORDER NOW
3000 GB101Gbps UplinkUnlimited Bandwidth£180.00 /moORDER NOW
3500 GB101Gbps UplinkUnlimited Bandwidth£210.00 /moORDER NOW
4000 GB101Gbps UplinkUnlimited Bandwidth£240.00 /moORDER NOW

Interested? If you have any questions or would like to provide us with some feedback, please, Contact Us.

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